Huge increase in website hosting bandwidth…

Fri Feb 28 19:09:27 PST 2003 — Huge increase in website hosting bandwidth quota size, plus reduction in fee for additional hosting bandwidth usage.

I am excited to announce that retroactively effective from February 1st, we are increasing the amount of data transfer included with multihomed hosting from one gigabyte per month to twenty gigabytes per month. We have also reduced the quota overage fee for regular and multihomed accounts from $15.00 per gigabyte transfered to $4.95 per gigabyte.

This higher quota for multihomes and lower bandwidth cost for all hosted websites will be reflected on customer bandwidth invoices which will be posted in the first week of March for usage in February.

Discussions regarding hosting are underway at:


-Dane, Matt, John, Nathan, Kelsey, Eli, etc.

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