Due to unforeseen incompatibilities and bugs…

Fri Apr 25 17:18:10 PDT 2003 — Due to unforeseen incompatibilities and bugs with older Netscape mail clients we are turning off SMTPAUTH support for the weekend. We will be turning SMTPAUTH back on on Tuesday morning. We recommend that users of Netscape 4.8 and earlier versions either upgrade to the latest version of Netscape (7.x) or switch to another email client, like Outlook Express or Eudora, both of which are capable of importing settings and mail from Netscape Mail. It is possible to fix SMTPAUTH in Netscape Mail, the fix for which is given below.

The latest versions of Netscape are available at www.netscape.com/browsers

Eudora is available at www.eudora.com/email

Instructions for editing Netscape’s preferences will be available here shortly: www.sonic.net/support/netscape_prefs.shtml

-Kelsey, Nathan, Russ, Chris, Eli and all of Technical Support.

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