will be closed Saturday from 9am…

Sat Jul 26 07:28:35 PDT 2003 — will be closed Saturday from 9am until 4pm for a special staff ninth anniversary event.

Today is the day that celebrates our anniversary. The original partnership was founded a couple months earlier, and we went live on the net as around that time – but the actual business model as we know it and the entity came about on July 26th of 1994, nine years ago.

Domain Name: SONIC.NET Status: ACTIVE Creation Date: 26-jul-1994

Special thanks to Scott, Eli, Jen, Nicki, Kelsey, Chuck, Matt and John, but all the credit for the real work goes to the entire 53 person staff, and to all of those who have come and gone though the years.

Thank you all for your help in making this dream real.

— Dane Jasper, Inc.

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