Mail server upgrade: The mail server…

Sat Aug 23 09:57:09 PDT 2003 — Mail server upgrade: The mail server conversion will start at 10:30 am PDT today. This migration is expected to cause some delays in delivery of messages. If you experience this, please wait and try again in a short time. Tech support can not expedite delivery of email to your mail box during the migration.

For more information, please see:

If your email client reports an actual error when downloading your messages, please call tech support. We may be experiencing higher than usual call volumes, so please be patient. -Operations and Tech Support

Update 11:11:24 PDT 2003 — We have migrated to the new POP servers and new email is being delivered on the new servers. We have corrected one small problem and are working on another one involving mixed case logins. We expect to resolve that shortly.

Update 12:18:57 PDT 2003 — So far everything looks good. We are beginning the migration of old email spools to the new system now. -Operations

Update 14:08:50 PDT 2003 — 98% of mailboxes converted. We are converting the mailboxes in smallest to largest size order. Only the customers with the largest mailboxes are left to do. -Operations

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