DNS server changes: As some of you may be…

Wed Sep 17 17:01:04 PDT 2003 — DNS server changes: As some of you may be aware, VeriSign, who controls the .net and .com DNS registries, recently changed the behavior of their gTLD servers to capture web traffic destined to non-existent domains with their own ‘sitefinder’ portal. Sonic.net, and many other service providers, are concerned by VeriSign’s actions which, we believe, have had far-reaching negative affects on the Internet at large. In order to restore what we feel is the correct behavior of the .net and .com gTLD name servers on our network we replaced BIND on our name servers with a patched version that enforces receiving delegation-only responses from these servers.

For more information about this please see news://news.sonic.net/sonic.net


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