Circuit Outage: Our 100mbit link from Santa…

Wed Oct 22 14:17:27 PDT 2003 — Circuit Outage: Our 100mbit link from Santa Rosa to Equinix, San Jose, has been shutdown due to excessive errors and packet loss. We’re currently working with the vendor and hope to have it resolved shortly. At this time, reachability to the Internet in general should be fine, but users may experience some performance impact. This is especially true as one of our Cisco 7200VXR routers in San Francisco just (as I’m writing this MOTD) took the opportunity to crash in a red zone violation, further impacting the network. -Kelsey, Nathan and John.

Update 15:14:27 PDT — All service has returned to normal. We’ll continue to work with our vendors to resolve both issues encountered. -Kelsey

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