AOL Mail Delivery Problems: Due to an…

Thu Dec 11 00:23:18 PST 2003 — AOL Mail Delivery Problems: Due to an exploited customer cgi that was being used to send SPAM to AOL customers our outbound mail servers got blacklisted by AOL. Since we became aware of this problem at 9:30PM, we were working hard to track down and disable the miscreant cgi, reroute mail flows to AOL, and contact the AOL postmaster to have the block lifted. At this time mail to AOL is still flowing through an alternate mail server. AOL has also added our servers to a whitelist and abuse notification list allowing us to respond to their customer complaints as they receive them. It may take as long as 48 hours for this whitelist to take affect, until then mail will continue to take the alternate path. -Kelsey, Nathan, Scott, John and Dane.

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