DSL Speed Issues: We have identified a…

Tue Feb 24 19:33:48 PST 2004 — DSL Speed Issues: We have identified a limitation in SBC’s Remote Terminal (RT) hardware that prevents DSL customers on RTs from receiving the full performance of their link. After applying the recommended workaround to our Redback Networks DSL termination hardware, we found that all customers started to experience light (.5-2%) packet loss on their circuits. This loss has persisted even after backing out the changes.

Resolving this issue is our highest priority, and we have been given a list of potential fixes by Redback’s support department. Unfortunately, these fixes will require one or more reloads of each Redback over the next few days. The first of these reboots is scheduled for 1am on Feb. 25th, and will affect only customers that connect to our Santa Rosa Redback. Each event should cause under 5 minutes worth of downtime.

We’ll post updates to this MOTD entry as we learn more and apologize in advance for the service interruptions. -Nathan, Kelsey, John and Dane

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