Broadlink Barham tower offline.

Tue Mar 16 09:56:41 PST 2004 — Broadlink Barham tower offline. Broadlink has dispatched personnel to their Barham tower site to effect repairs. We will post an ETR when received from Broadlink. -Scott, as well as Jason and Linda from Broadlink

Update: Tue Mar 16 10:17:24 PST 2004: Broadlink has identified this as a problem with their switch at Barham; ETR is approximately 1 hour. -Scott, Jason, and Linda

Update: Tue Mar 16 11:15:08 PST 2004: Broadlink reports that sector 3 of Barham is now online, and Jason is working to get sector 4 online. Apparently there were power problems at the Barham tower site. -Scott, Jason, and Linda Update: Tue Mar 16 12:17:03 PST 2004: Sector 4 of Barham is still not fully operational, with 66 customers still down. Broadlink thinks they may have to replace the radio for sector 4. No ETR for that replacement yet. -Scott, Jason, and Linda

Update: Tue Mar 16 12:46:55 PST 2004: Sector 4 of Barham still not fully operational — 21 customers still down. We will cease reporting until and unless there is a significant event, including sector 4 becoming fully operational. -Scott, Jason, and Linda

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