Missing Weblogs: Some users webstats may be…

Thu Jul 1 14:59:22 PDT 2004 — Missing Weblogs: Some users webstats may be missing for the past few days. We’ve corrected the error and all new logs should be processed correctly. Unfortunately there is no way to recreate the missing logs. Incidentally, we also resolved a couple of small bugs in Hedgehog and Webalizer that were resulting in missing logs for a couple of users with particular configurations. The new web cluster uses a simplified and robust network based logging system that also allows us to move towards a real-time log processing system for all of our hosted customers. On a completely unrelated note, earlier this morning we shutdown our UUNet DS3 due to their upstream router exhibiting packet buffer exhaustion problems. UUNet resolved the problem and we reenabled the DS3. No one noticed. -Kelsey, Nathan

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