Packet Loss from Santa Rosa to San Jose.

Tue Jul 13 18:02:03 PDT 2004 — Packet Loss from Santa Rosa to San Jose. Our 100mbit circuit from Santa Rosa to San Jose is experiencing substantial packet loss. We are working with the provider of the circuit and hope to have the situation resolved shortly. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update Tue Jul 13 20:20:25 PDT 2004: Service is fully restored. The carrier reports a piece of equipment in Mountain View failed. Technicians were dispatched and the gear was repaired shortly after 8:00pm.

To prevent issues such as this in the future, we started construction of a new gigabit-speed fiber optic ring connecting our Santa Rosa headquarters, San Francisco, and San Jose approximately 4 months ago. This ring, scheduled for completion by the end of September, will enable us to withstand single circuit outages between these POPs without any service degradation. Also on order is a new link connecting both of our San Francisco POPs. Once these upgrades are in place, all of our major points of presence will be fully redundant. -Nathan and the rest of Operations

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