Santa Rosa DSL performance problems.

Fri Jul 23 17:38:19 PDT 2004 — Santa Rosa DSL performance problems. Some of our customers served from our Santa Rosa DSL gateway are seeing performance problems, such as increased packet latency and packet loss. We are collecting as much diagnostic information as possible in order to isolate the cause of the problems.

At this time we believe that there are two separate issues at work. The first is backbone network congestion to some destinations. This problem should be greatly alleviated if not solved as the first major parts of our network rebuild come on-line. A DS3 (45 Mbps) circuit between our two San Francisco POPs will turn up on Monday, relieving some congestion on our Santa Rosa to 200 Paul, SF, link. Then later next week we will be able to take delivery of the gigabit Ethernet circuit that will eliminate that congestion.

The other issue is with performance of the Santa Rosa DSL gateway. Even though we are within published specs, we are seeing certain problems with the ATM port. The manufacturer has recommended that we reduce traffic on it. To that end we are working on acquiring an ATM switch to put in front of the gateway to split the existing traffic onto two separate ports on the gateway. If the manufacturer is correct, this will take care of this issue.

If you are one of the affected customers, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please know that we take our network performance seriously and are working to take care of these issues as soon as possible. -John, Dane and Network Operations

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