SMTP Authentication hiccough and port 25…

Mon Jan 24 15:30:34 PST 2005 — SMTP Authentication hiccough and port 25 blocking. Earlier today our POP before SMTP authentication system was accidentally disabled when installing and configuring a fresh compilation of sendmail to support SMTPS (SSMTP – SMTP over SSL on port 465) for mail clients that do not correctly support STARTTLS on port 587. We require password authentication when using SMTPS. Additionally, at some point in the future we will also require password authentication on port 587. At this time everything is working correctly despite a few bumps along the way.

NOTE: Many users connecting to our outbound mail servers from SBC/Yahoo DSL lines (not DSL lines) or Comcast cable Internet services may need to update their server settings to work around port 25 filters both of these providers appear to be enabling in their networks. -Kelsey

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