BroadLink Scheduled Outage Notification.

Sat Apr 2 12:29:02 PST 2005 — BroadLink Scheduled Outage Notification. BroadLink is currently upgrading their wireless network backhaul, which will yield improved performance for wireless connected customers. BroadLink says:

“An important component of our upgrade plans will require a brief planned outage as we swap an old backhaul radio for a faster unit.

We will be making this change on Saturday morning (April 2nd) beginning at 9:00am. As we fine-tune the new system (or in the case of disaster revert to the old hardware) service will fluctuate significantly. The project should be completed by 12:00 Noon.”

While normally, intrusive network maintenance is done at night, tower safety requirements dictate that this work be done during daylight hours. Additionally, while normally upgrades can be built and tested prior to deployment, with the deployment then just being a quick switch-over, the local radio frequency spectrum usage requires that this upgrade be done with the current link offline, as the two would interfere with each other.

I believe that BroadLink provided this notice via email to their customers, but missed getting it into our MOTD a few days ago, when the information was released. I’m sorry about that! -Dane

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