Bay Area DSL outage.

Sat Jul 9 16:58:00 PDT 2005 — Bay Area DSL outage. ASI confirmed a widespread outage on their ATM network affecting DSL subscribers in the following area codes: 408, 415, 650, 707, and 925. They estimate approximately 10,000 customers, through various ISPs, are affected. Symptoms include a solid sync indication, but no ability to pass traffic. Not all customers in these areas are down, and no services other than DSL are affected. We have no ETR at this time. -Tony and John F.

Update: ASI reports that the problem was with an OC12, and traffic is currently being rerouted. There is a repair scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow morning, and we’ve been assured that service will not be interrupted during this time. All subscribers that were affected by this outage should now have their service restored. -Tony

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