Due to our upgrades away from multiple T3…

Mon Jul 25 16:22:18 PDT 2005 — Due to our upgrades away from multiple T3 backbone connections and over to Gigabit links, we currently have excess capacity on our redundant fiber SONET ring. This ring leaves our building at two points, and follows separate routes to the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park wire centers.

To fill this capacity, for the next 60 days we are offering local businesses a limited number of full 45Mbps T3 circuits at a very deeply discounted price point of $3,995 per month. This is a full T3 including local loop, IP transit and a managed Cisco router. Only six circuits will be sold at this price, which is much less than any competitive T3 product. For full details, please see our T3 Special page at the following URL or call us at 707-522-1000 and ask for dedicated circuit sales.


For more info and photos of the fiber installation of our Gigabit Ethernet links, see www.sonic.net/whatsnew/gigaman/.

-Dane, Matt and Alice

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