Night Ops.

Wed Sep 7 19:00:53 PDT 2005 — Night Ops. Tonight from approximately Midnight to 3:00 AM membertools will be unavailable as we work on upgrading’s hardware. We’ll also be briefly working on the load balancers that handle mail services for customers – some normal maintenance done earlier today left them in a odd condition. We have reason to believe that a _very_ small percentage of requests for pop and smtp may be dropped at this time. We anticipate only a minute of downtime while we reboot the load balancers to clear the issue. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update Thu Sep 8 13:07:12 PDT 2005 — The work on the load balancers went as expected with only 14 seconds of downtime. The upgrade of sonic, however, was aborted due to issues with it’s replacement hardware. -Kelsey and Nathan

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