News server issues and maintenance.

Sun Nov 27 11:23:43 PST 2005 — News server issues and maintenance. Another configuration problem revealed itself over the past few days with the new news cluster. During troubleshooting some of the local sonic.* groups accidentally had articles older than 30 days purged from the overviews. The affected groups are sonic.announce, sonic.antispam, sonic.general,,, sonic.os.unix and I should be able to restore all articles in the groups but it is impossible to match all of the article numbering previously assigned. As a result, all posts made after the migration to the new cluster will show as new again. While the restoration is taking place the feeds to the reader boxes will be paused and no new news will arrive. Posts made locally will be fed to all of our peers but will not appear until the internal feeds are restarted. -Kelsey

Update: Sun Nov 27 14:00:16 PST 2005 — The overviews for the affected groups have been rebuilt. However, this was not a perfect or seamless process. While the archives have been rebuilt there are some apparent issues. First, a few posts from this morning seem to have been lost. Second, some of the groups will exhibit duplicate articles for the past couple of weeks. Additionally, some users may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe or otherwise purge their client’s caches on the affected groups. I apologize for the bumps in the deployment of the new news cluster. -Kelsey

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