DSL Maintenance.

Sat Jan 28 14:20:32 PST 2006 — DSL Maintenance. Tonight, shortly after Midnight, we are re-architecting the termination of the DSL customers that are currently experiencing degraded performance in San Francisco to take advantage of equipment we put in place to terminate the new ATM OC-12 circuit. This is a complex procedure that will result in the subscribers split between two new RedBack SMS 1800s. We will do everything possible to minimize downtime but anticipate some customers may experience outages as long as 30 minutes while the work is underway. Once finished, there will be no more load related performance issues for the affected customers. We apologize for the short notice. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update Sun Jan 29 04:11:38 PST 2006 — The migration has gone surprisingly well. We’ve distributed enough load onto the new DSL termination equipment to mitigate the performance issues. We may do additional maintenance over the next few days if warranted. -Kelsey and Nathan

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