Saturday shortly after 12:00AM we are going…

Thu Feb 16 14:48:51 PST 2006 — Saturday shortly after 12:00AM we are going to have a large scale night ops in Santa Rosa. The primary purpose of the maintenance will be to migrate our core networking infrastructure to properly redundant A+B power feeds from our two UPSes. The power migration by itself should not be customer affecting. However, we are taking advantage of the maintenance window and performing software upgrades on some of our networking equipment and will also be making a couple of small but potentially service affecting configuration changes. While the networking folks are busy the rest of Operations will be migrating servers to the new UPS to balance power draw between the two UPSes. Very little customer impact is anticipated here – most of these servers are grouped into redundant clusters so while one server is down another should be online handling it’s services. We will also be moving the two Network Appliance filer clusters that handle mail stores in their cabs to make room for 8 additional disk shelves to handle growth as well as redistributing their power feeds. -Kelsey, Nathan, Zeke, Jared, Clay, Augie, Dan and Russ.

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