At 12:01am on Thursday, March 2nd we will…

Tue Feb 28 17:12:48 PST 2006 — At 12:01am on Thursday, March 2nd we will begin the first stage of our massive DSL capacity expansion in LATA 1. Approximately half of our DSL customers served out of San Francisco will be migrated to our new ATM OC-12 from AT&T. We expect that this migration will result in approximately 20 minutes worth of downtime for the affected customers. If all goes well we will be planning to move the other half of our customers within the next week. -Nathan, Kelsey, Chuck and Chris.

Update Wed Mar 1 08:41:40 PST 2006: AT&T has changed the date of this migration to 12:01am on Friday, March 3rd. Sorry for the confusion!

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