We are currently experiencing packet…

Wed May 3 07:30:23 PDT 2006 — We are currently experiencing packet corruption on DSL circuits terminated in San Francisco. Customers that are not able to surf to sites other than Sonic.net are likely affected. Operations are aware of, and working to resolve the issue. -Kavan and Nathan

Update Wed May 3 07:39:57 PDT 2006 — We have isolated the issue to a failed Juniper ATM interface in one of our routers at 200 Paul Ave. The interface was passing small-sized packets without incident but began corrupting frames beyond a total size of 428 bytes. This caused TCP sessions to initiate properly but fail when large packets were transferred. Once the problem was isolated, we swapped traffic to a secondary, redundant path which fixed the issue. We will be scheduling replacement of the failed card soon to bring us back to full redundancy. -Nathan

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