LA ATM Maintenance.

Tue Oct 24 09:41:06 PDT 2006 — LA ATM Maintenance. On Thursday, October 26th at 12:01am we will be performing routine maintenance on the equipment that aggregates our Los Angeles DSL customers. This operation is intended to increase performance and reliability for all our LA members. Downtime will be approximately 15 minutes. -Nathan and Kelsey

Update Wed Oct 25 18:18:16 PDT 2006 — Due to circumstances outside of our control, we are postponing this maintenance until 12:01am on Friday, October 27th. We apologize for the inconvenience. -Nathan and Kelsey

Update Thu Oct 26 19:50:05 PDT 2006 — More delays. Do to some miscoordination with another provider we have to put this maintenance off for another night. It is now scheduled for 12:01AM, Saturday. -Nathan

Update Sat Oct 28 01:50:18 PDT 2006 — This maintenance was completed successfully. -Nathan and Kelsey

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