Sacramento DSL issues.

Wed Dec 6 09:47:42 PST 2006 — Sacramento DSL issues. We have identified an issue inside of our transport vendor’s network that is causing intermittent connectivity for all DSL customers in the Sacramento area. Presently, the issue is manifesting itself as short periods (~5-10 seconds each) of zero connectivity occurring every 15 minutes. Our vendor has identified the issue, but has not yet provided us with an estimated repair time frame. We’ll keep this entry updated with information as we learn more. -Nathan

Update Wed Dec 6 10:27:48 PST 2006 — A temporary fix has been put in place to resolve this issue. A permanent solution is in the works. -Nathan

Update Fri Dec 8 00:56:17 PST 2006 — Sacramento DSL issues redux. A recurrence of issues in our transport vendor’s network caused a loss of connectivity to our Sacramento DSL customers from approximately 12:05 to 12:45 Friday morning. We continue to work with the provider for a permanent fix to this issue. -Jared and Nathan

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