Sacramento and Stockton DSL troubles.

Tue Dec 26 17:01:27 PST 2006 — Sacramento and Stockton DSL troubles. Over the past few days we have been tracking and troubleshooting the recurrence of a problem with our circuits that backhaul DSL from the Stockton and Sacramento areas. The problem would have presented itself as occasional, brief losses of connectivity. The problem was traced back to hardware used by one of our transport providers. We are working with the provider to completely re-design these circuits end-to-end, and in the interim have we have implemented a short-term fix. We apologize deeply to anyone affected by this problem, and for not publicizing it sooner as we did a month ago when this problem first surfaced. In related news, we will soon be upgrading these links to native AT&T OC3s, which will remove the transport provider from the equation, and provide an even higher level of reliability. -Jared, Zeke, Matt, and Nathan

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