DSL Service disruption.

Fri Feb 16 18:30:26 PST 2007 — DSL Service disruption. One of the OC-12s that terminates DSL subscribers in LATA 1 (most of Northern California) is offline. Our NOC staff is already onsite at the POP and is working with AT&T and the facility providers to ensure a speedy fix. -Kelsey, Alan and the 7065 NOC.

Update Fri Feb 16 19:40:40 PST 2007 — Service restored. As of approximately 7:30pm all services on the affected OC-12 have been restored. The problem was determined to be faulty cross-floor fiber patching at our 200 Paul Ave. facility. To expedite service restoration we brought some otherwise idle gear into service, which allowed us to bring customers back by eliminating intermediate fiber connections. We will be scheduling a maintenance window in the near future to clean the cross-floor run and return the circuit to its original configuration. We apologize for the late update to this entry, not to mention the downtime! -Nathan, Zeke, Matt and Juston

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