Planned power and DSL maintenance.

Wed Mar 7 16:23:26 PST 2007 — Planned power and DSL maintenance. During the day tomorrow we will be doing DC power plant maintenance at one of our colo facilities in San Francisco. There should be no associated services interruptions of any kind; however, there is the potential that power could be lost to some of our DSL termination equipment. In the event that power is lost to any of our equipment the associated outage would be brief.

Early Saturday at 12:01AM, a number of planned events may affect a number of short outages to some DSL customers terminated in San Francisco. Jobs to be done include, installation of additional ATM switch ports, turn up of additional DSL termination equipment, and restoration of one of the ATM OC-12s to it’s primary path through our in building patching and switching. Affected customers should see a total of no more than 15 minutes of combined outage spread over a number of short events. Network Operations

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