Server Upgrades.

Fri Apr 20 11:42:51 PDT 2007 — Server Upgrades. We have been quietly upgrading many of our servers and clusters over the past few months to improve the overall quality of our ISP services. The upgrades include the complete replacement of our SpamAssassin cluster with six new quad-core Xeon servers, a new web cluster server member, four new internal DNS servers, as well as the recent deployment of a pair of new FTP servers and the addition of two new inbound MX servers this morning. These upgrades, in addition to others not mentioned, allow us to continue to provide the high quality always-on services that our customers have come to expect. It is gratifying to see all of our hard work and preparation pay off. For instance, our careful selection of power sources for individual machines and networking hardware kept all of our cores services available during the recent UPS event even though roughly half of our systems lost power. -Kelsey, Nathan, Augie and Dan

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