Stockton DSL Aggregation Upgrade.

Fri Jun 8 10:16:45 PDT 2007 — Stockton DSL Aggregation Upgrade. On Tuesday, June 12th at 12:01am we will be upgrading the aggregation circuit that services the Stockton/Modesto area. Expected downtime during this migration is approximately 30 minutes for all customers, though some may experience a significantly shorter outage. The increased capacity will allow further growth in this area without the possibility of performance degradation due to overcrowding. In addition, the new circuit rides an end-to-end redundant path from Stockton to our aggregation hub in San Francisco, further increasing the reliability of our DSL offering. -Nathan and Kelsey

Update Tue Jun 12 00:14:02 PDT 2007 — This migration has been completed successfully. Downtime was under 6 minutes for all customers, with most experiencing less than 3 minutes of service interruption. -Nathan

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