Emergency ATM Switch Maintenance.

Update Thu Apr 3 02:22:47 PDT 2008 — Emergency ATM Switch Maintenance. When we performed our card reload earlier tonight, we apparently hit a bug which caused an interface to stop forwarding ATM cells, but appear to be functioning perfectly. This caused a loss of connectivity for DSL some subs in LATA1 with odd-numbered VPs. Upon investigation of the bug, the only way to resolve it was to reload the entire ATM switch, which took place at 2:15 AM, and caused a 5-minute outage for all DSL subs connected to it. This includes a large amount of LATA1, as well as all of Chico, San Diego, and Stockton. Currently all traffic levels look normal on all interfaces, and we will be closely monitoring this switch for the near future. -Jared and Nathan

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