Update to our Web Mail Service.

We have updated our Web Mail software at https://webmail.sonic.net/atmail/ to the latest vendor release.

This release addresses many of the concerns our customers had with the previous release and adds a few new features; most important of which is full support for the latest release of the Firefox browser (Firefox 3).

If you have not tried our Web Mail software, please do give it a try and send feedback to support@sonic.net. The software offers three interfaces (Advanced, Simple and Basic) which allows our customers to choose the right Web Mail experience for themselves. If you have a mobile phone with web capabilities, you can visit http://m.sonic.net/ for email access from your mobile phone.

4 comments for “Update to our Web Mail Service.

  1. It still would be nice to have an auto-login feature so users don’t have to click to select the username and select the basic option every time.

    I like the basic better than advanced because in advanced you cannot get to much older messages very quickly. You have to go back one screen at a time rather than just clicking to go to page 4, for instance. Also, it shows the messages on the same screen as the list of messages. I guess that is a matter of preference.

    But for those of us who do like basic or simple better, it would be nice to have a feature that automatically logs us in to that format, or at least makes it so we don’t have to choose the format (default is currently always advanced) when logging in.

    Do you know when auto-login will be implemented?

    By the way, the Amail is great.

  2. There is an “auto-login” feature available, but we have found that it only half works, so rather than confuse customer with a broken feature we opted to disable that feature until @Mail fixes it.

    We are currently working with @Mail to get this feature to work properly.

  3. I tried the mobile email url on my phone, (android Garminfone) and it wouldn’t take my login. I would like more detailed information on how to set up a mobile phone account because I can read my email from my email program but I can’t send any.

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