IMAP performance problems solved.

We believe we have fixed the recent IMAP performance problems; let us know if you have any trouble with still.

For the past few days we have received a number of reports from customers concerned about periodic slow IMAP performance to; the problem would manifest as a mail client behaving very slowly when reading e-mail or timing out all together.

The periodic nature of the problem made it very difficult to troubleshoot as by the time a customer would call to alert us to the problem it would then mysteriously go away.

We believe we have solved the problem and have since implemented much more detailed monitoring of the IMAP cluster.

Note: we have seen a handful of reports of slow Webmail performance; those servers are completely separate from the cluster, so if you are seeing Webmail performance problems, please note the time it occurred, the error you saw if any and send an e-mail to .

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