Webmail IMAP performance problems solved.

Separate from our earlier post about slow imap.sonic.net performance (http://corp.sonic.net/status/2008/09/26/imap-performance-problems-solved/) – we have also received reports of slow Webmail IMAP performance and timeouts when Customers were using the Webmail clients on http://webmail.sonic.net.

We believe we have isolated the problem, which was a bug in our IMAP Proxy software, and have not received any reports of new problems since the beginning of the week when we implemented a fix for the problem software.

If you see timeouts when using http://webmail.sonic.net, please contact Technical Support (support@sonic.net or 1.707.547.3400) immediately, and provide the error message you receive and the time at which the problem occurred.

2 comments for “Webmail IMAP performance problems solved.

  1. cannot access Microsoft Outlook. When I click on it to retrieve messages; it never loads; internet in all other aspects working…any ideas?

  2. First thing to try would be restarting the computer. Do you receive any error messages? If you are using an antivirus program make sure it is up to date, and maybe try turning off the email scanning portion of the program.

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