Momentary ATM Outage

While troubleshooting our new ATM OC-12 circuit in San Francisco, an AT&T tech inadvertently removed the wrong fibers from a multiplexer card in the SNFCCA17 central office. This caused two of our other ATM OC-12 circuits to go off-line. These links serve DSL, Business-T and Frame Relay customers. The AT&T tech quickly realized his error and fixed the problem. Total customer downtime was approximately 75 seconds, lasting from 1:29:05pm to 1:30:20pm. We’re currently in touch with management at AT&T to ensure that this does not happen again. -Nathan and Jared

2 comments for “Momentary ATM Outage

  1. As of 3:30, I’m seeing my connection go up and down in San Francisco Mission area.. Pings to Google are coming back slow and my icmp_seq number is not consistent.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Are you still experiencing the problem? I’ve been watching your line for the past twenty minutes, and I’m unable to see any problems at all with it (throughput, packet loss, latency or otherwise). If you are still having problems, I’d suggest placing a call into Tech Support so we can take a more in depth look at the issue specific to your circuit.

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