MySQL5 support added.

Our Database Member-Tool now offers you the choice between MySQL4, MySQL5 or PostgreSQL.

We encourage you to try it out and even try migrating your data from your MySQL4 instance to MySQL5 as this will enable all the features and performance increases in MySQL5 as well as landing you on a brand new piece of hardware specifically designed to host Customer SQL Data.

For future flexibility we have provided each Customer with a DNS entry in the form of [database name]; giving you the ability to configure your programs once with one Host Name entry and be able to switch between various database back-ends simply by pointing DNS at the new server.

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2 comments for “MySQL5 support added.

  1. I have no idea what this is all about or what it would do for me? Your message wasn’t written for those of us that are not internet tchkies.


  2. We have quite a few status messages that fit that bill, Dan. Generally speaking, if you aren’t having problems with MySQL 4 (or don’t use it to start with), this news really has no bearing on you. We have had people inquiring about making MySQL 5 available, so a status message was a good venue for this announcement.

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