Fresno ATM Issues

We are currently tracking an issue with our OC-3 aggregation circuit that serves the Fresno area.  The circuit went down for 5 minutes about 10 minutes ago.  It is presently up, but not passing any traffic.  We’ve been in touch with AT&T with regards to this issue and will update when we have more information.  At this time we suspect a problem with AT&T’s ATM switch upstream of us.  -Dusty and Nathan

Update: AT&T has isolated the issue to one of the core ATM switches in Fresno, which has ceased proper functioning. AT&T continues to work on repair of the affected ATM switch. Due to the core nature of this ATM switch, it has been confirmed that it is affecting most DSL in the Fresno area, not just

Update: As of approximately 6:15 PM today, AT&T has repaired the failed switch, and traffic appears to be flowing normally across our Fresno OC-3 at this time. AT&T does not expect any further impact to the DSL network in Fresno.

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  1. Any update on this? This kind of problem is where Twitter could be handy to track periodic updates (even it’s just “no news yet”).

  2. Our DSL is up and running now as of 6:30PM. I called Sonic earlier today and they were very professional and helpful. From what I can see this is an AT&T issue and not a Sonic issue.

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