Router Maintenance Reloads

This Tuesday, June 23 at 12:01 AM we will be performing maintenance reloads of the routers that terminate our Business-T service, and two Redbacks that terminate traditional DSL service. This will affect all Business-T customers, all Fresno DSL subscribers, and a small subset of DSL customers in the Bay Area. Expected downtime is 5 minutes.


Update June 23 12:31 AM: The Redback reloads were completed without incident, and all DSL customers should be back online at this time. Our Los Angeles POP Business-T router locked up during the reload and required a physical reboot to come back up properly. For this reason Business-T customers in the Los Angeles area experienced approximately 15-20 minutes of downtime. Our other Business-T routers reloaded without incident. All services affected by this maintenance have been restored at this time.

1 comment for “Router Maintenance Reloads

  1. 11 hours notice was a wee bit short.

    I was troubleshooting at midnight (was streaming a movie with my wife, down to the last 4 minutes of the movie), and quickly concluded it must have been a router reload, but having been at my day job since morning, I had not received the notice yet, so there was nothing in my email to spell it out.

    Only after the 8 minute outage was I able to confirm that it had been scheduled and announced at 1PM same day.

    If it’s for maintenance, 11 hours seems a bit abrupt. If it’s for an emergency, different story. But the story above says maintenance.

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