DSL Outage, Santa Rosa

Starting at approximately 9:50 this evening, some areas of Santa Rosa began experiencing intermittent DSL connectivity.   We are working with ATT to resolve the issue.    As a result of this outage, the telephone wait for Technical Support is unusually high.  We expect resolution shortly, but do not have an ETR .

-Kim,  Support

Update: AT&T has diagnosed the problem as a failing card at an ATM switch in Northern California.  This outage persists. We currently have no estimated time of repair. AT&T has reset the card which seems to have temporarily restored service to some customers while they work toward a permanent solution.

Update:  Service should now be fully restored to all customers affected by this outage.  If you are still having connectivity issues please contact Sonic.net technical support.

3 comments for “DSL Outage, Santa Rosa

  1. Wow, this seems to be one of the longer outages. Significant packet loss still exists at 5:20AM ….

  2. I am still having problems on my DSL. Since you have not posted an update, can I correctly assume that the problem still exists?

  3. I am seeing poor DSL connectivity tonight in South Bay (Sunnyvale). This is very rare in my years of experience with Sonic.net.

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