Large DDoS Attack

This morning at 11AM, a large DDoS was aimed at a server in our colocation facility in Santa Rosa. The DoS was large enough (1.5 million pps) to disrupt connectivity to our Santa Rosa datacenter, which would have affected access to mail and web services hosted by Sonic. The DoS was blocked by 11:07 AM, and no further ill effects should have been felt after that point.


4 comments for “Large DDoS Attack

  1. Were you able to investigate who/what generated this attack? Any traceback possible? Possible reasons?

  2. Hi Fabio,

    We have contacted the target of the attack to investigate possible reasons for the attack. In terms of traceback, we don’t really have a way to look at who was controlling the botnet.

  3. I’m curious. I’ve read words similar to “the DDOS was blocked” various times over the years.

    How do you go about blocking a DDOS without shutting off access to the target?


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