Large Outage in San Francisco

We’re currently experiencing a rather large outage in San Francisco, presumably caused by a power failure to some of our colocation space there. All available resources are being brought to bear, and we’ll have more shortly. This outage is likely impacting a large portion of our DSL customers as well as some Dial, Biz-T, FRATM, and other services. -Nathan, Jared, and the rest of the NOC

Update 8:25AM: We have confirmed that the issue is caused by a power failure. Apparently the facility at 200 Paul Avenue is currently without utility power. The vast majority of the site’s generators, ATSes, and UPS systems worked properly, but the UPSes feeding suite 502 (the location of some of our equipment at that facility) did not transfer correctly. More to follow.

Update 9:19AM: Power has been restored to our equipment, and we’re ensuring that everything returns to service cleanly.

Update 9:32AM: Service to the vast majority of our customers has been restored. There appears to be one DSL aggregation device that is still having trouble — we’re taking a look at that now.

Update 10:22AM: All services have been restored. Please let us know if you still have any outstanding issues. We’ll be having a serious chat with our colocation provider about this event, as this outage occurred despite a massive investment in fully redundant A+B power — both of which died simultaneously.

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