Directory listing and permission changes

We will be making changes to directory permissions tomorrow which will limit the ability of users to list the contents of some directories.  You will be able to change directory through them, but you will not be able to list the contents.

This will for example affect users connecting via FTP to upload files – you can go to the directory you own, but you will not be able to list all the directories one level up.  This is a cosmetic change, you can still get to the directory, but you must know its name.

If you have any questions after this change is made, please post to news://

5 comments for “Directory listing and permission changes

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  2. Please clarify “you can still get to the directory, but you must know its name”. If I have a few directories, and the worse memory in the world and don’t write everything down, how am I supposed to know the name? Listing makes it much more convenient.

  3. You will have full visibility inside your directory, this will only affect you if you go up to the directory above that. You just need to know your username so you can get back to familiar territory.

    So everything in /home/WWW_pages/username/ would be visible to you. But, if you went up to /home/WWW_data/, you wouldn’t be able to see the /username/ directory. You would be able to “cd” there however, it’s still there, just not visible.


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