DSL Aggregation Issues

This morning our support group has been tracking an issue that is affecting DSL subscribers connected to one of our DSL aggregation routers. We are investigating possible hardware or physical problems that may be affecting that router.


Update: The problem was tracked down to a failing port on one of our ATM switches, which was causing heavy packet loss. We moved our connection off that port and the problem should now be resolved.

5 comments for “DSL Aggregation Issues

  1. Well, perhaps this DSL aggregation problem is bigger than it seems? Our Sonic.net hosted DSL modem dropped offline a few minutes ago and could not detect ATM encapsulation information necessary to restart.

    We were able to manually reconfigure the modem and get it back online to type this message. Oddly, saw no other network/connection status notifications on your website!?

    (And wow! The net is really fast for a change… perhaps many other modems also went down?)

  2. Nikki,

    Please work with support, we’ll be happy to work on your circuit with you to achieve complete stability!


  3. Just wanted to say thanks for all the attempts to get ahold of us, and you guys even had a tech over here! Sorry my husband never checks his voicemail!

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