Long sales/support hold times

Today we have been having challenges keeping hold times to reasonable levels. We are suffering with hold times of 15-20 minutes today. I am very sorry for the long wait if you need assistance!

Recently we merged sales and technical support into a single group, so callers reaching out for sales receive the same customer service experience as support. That’s great because sales inquiries reach knowledgeable technical personnel, but when hold times are long it can be frustrating.

The primary call volume has been related to our Fusion product. If you are interested in Fusion, please review the sales material on the website, and keep in mind that signing up online will be the quickest way to have your order processed. It’s not necessary to call us. If you have any questions about the product, you can also write to sales@sonic.net with any questions.

For support issues that do not require an interactive dialog, feel free to email us at support@sonic.net and we will reply as soon as possible.

We have five new call center staff starting next week. Thank you for your patience as we grow!


6 comments for “Long sales/support hold times

  1. Well we refer a lot of our clients to you. As a test we tell them to call support to find out who they are dealing with. Well with the long hold times it appears you are no better than ATT or Comcast.

  2. Ed,

    We do not have anybody on hold at the moment, I’m sorry the timing didn’t work out. Since this system status message was posted we have brought a number of new customer service agents in to help shoulder the load.

  3. I think combining sales and support right before the fusion/phone roll out was probably not a smart management decision…and I hope doesn’t have too much long term effect on business.But,it’s logistical hiccups like that which can really bitter customer loyalty, especially if they are more than an isolated incident.So, I hope the powers that be are careful not to make the same mistake twice. That being said…. you have are not even close to being like Comcast or ATT. They have mastered the ability to piss off and screw their customers,in my opinion

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