Emergency CRAC Maintenance

The primary compressor on the B-side of our Core4 CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) system that cools our Santa Rosa datacenter is being taken out of service and electrically swapped with it’s backup compressor.  The primary compressor experienced loss of oil pressure and while it is apparently still functional it has clearly suffered significant internal damage.  Once the primary compressor has been replaced, the backup compressor will be returned to its normal standby operation.

The Core4 CRAC system is 2N redundant so we can loose the entire A or B side of the system and still satisfy the cooling requirements of our datacenter.  Additionally, each primary compressor  on each side  is paired with a backup compressor so should this damaged compressor have actually ceased to function, the backup compressor would have taken over automatically to meet the cooling demand.

The swap was completed in the time it took to draft this notice.  Both sides of the CRAC are currently fully operational.

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