Need to Send a Fax?

Even in this modern email-centric world, being able to send a a FAX every now and then is pretty handy.  But, most of us no longer have FAX machines in our home offices, and even some traditional offices are doing away with them.

To help move this trend along, and to add a bit more value to your service, we have deployed a new tool which lets you transmit FAXes from pdf text files for at no charge, nationwide. You can find the new ‘Send A Fax’ tool under in the new Labs menu in our Member Tools. Direct link:

Obviously if you have a paper document that you want to FAX, you need to be able to turn it into a PDF first! This allows you to sign a paper contract or fill out a form, then scan it to a PDF file to send via email or via the new FAX feature. A dual-sided sheetfed scanner makes this easy. (Editor: After going “paperless”, Dane Jasper’s preference is the Fujitsu ScanSnap: The ScanSnap scans both sides of multi-page documents, using optical character recognition to create full-text searchable PDFs for storage. And, it’s fast!)

Our “Labs” area is a new section of the Member tools, and we plan to add more features there soon. Tools from the Labs menu will come in a couple of flavors.  Some, like Send A Fax, are early releases that we’d like customers to be able to use now but which may either be a beta release or lack final polish.  For example, the notifications from the fax tool aren’t formatted yet.  Other Labs features like IPv6 Tunnels are not supported by our telephone technical support group for practical reasons, and they are offered “as is”.

Please keep an eye on the Labs menu, we have several new services in the pipeline that we hope to roll out for customers over the next few months. It is part of our ongoing mission to deliver you more features, most available free.

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