FaxLine Fax to Email Service Beta

We’ve launched our latest Labs Beta project, FaxLine.  Our FaxLine service provides a dedicated fax number that will deliver incoming faxes to your email as a PDF.  The best part is that we’re giving away one free FaxLine to all of our Internet access customers, including Fusion, DSL and even Dial-up.  This is our way of saying thanks for being a customer!

For more information see this thread in our forums.  To add a new FaxLine now, go to the FaxLine Member Tool.

Please note that FaxLine is Labs project and isn’t supported by our support department.  All question or trouble reports should be directed to the forums.

13 comments for “FaxLine Fax to Email Service Beta

  1. Yes, FaxLine now offers the ability to both send and receive FAXes. See the “Labs” section of the Member Tools to get started!

  2. That’s great! I’ve been using faxZ*** to send faxes this past week, glad that I don’t need to any more. Even better I can get them too. Thanks everyone at Sonic for keeping making the service better.

  3. So awesome! Amazingly useful and I can finally ditch the super ugly fax paper fax machine.

  4. Just setup a faxline. Received the email that it was active and sent a fax to my number. Never received anything. I looked at fax history and it indicates no pages received?

  5. This is just perfect. I activated my new fax line within seconds of receiving the email. It works great! Thanks Sonic!

  6. “Error, no pages received” whether sending from my analog fax # (via my Sonic Fusion POTS line) or via the Sonic.net Labs Send a Fax tool.

  7. Sending a simple (no attachments) fax from faxaway and it gags. Since this is beta, is there a better person to work with on this?

  8. Michael, the best thing would be to post the report in the forums but I have also found and fixed the bug that was preventing the fax from faxaway being accepted on our end.

  9. The first fax received by my new faxline opened up as gibberish (looked like the typing on a sheet of carbon paper used many times). Adobe Reader error message “Insufficient data for an image”.

  10. John, I’ll second what Augie said but also would like to know what pdf reader are you using?

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