Scheduled mail storage infrastructure maintenance.

07:40 — Some customers may have noticed a problem when checking their e-mail via this AM; the new NetApp filers’ time was off by 30 seconds, which was enough for the IMAP software to think there was a significant problem and not allow those people whose e-mail is stored on the newer cluster to check their e-mail. A configuration error on the new filers was to blame and has been corrected. –Augie

01:49 — Maintenance complete; no major hiccups, please contact us immediately if you notice any problems. –Augie

Beginning early this Friday morning ( 15, July ) at 12:30AM we will be performing maintenance on the cluster of NetApp filers that store customers’ e-mail messages.

We will be adding an additional storage cluster which will improve performance and reliability for all customers’ sending and receiving of e-mail.

E-mail may be un-available or delayed during the maintenance window, which is estimated at one hour.


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