Non-Intrusive ATM Switch Maintenance

Tonight, August 17 at 12:01 AM we will be inserting new cards into one of our ATM switches that serves LATA1 (SF Bay Area) to increase capacity. This operation should not cause any impact to in-service customers, and is expected to take 5-10 minutes.

-Jared, Nathan and Matt

2 comments for “Non-Intrusive ATM Switch Maintenance

  1. Is this for bandwidth capacity? Will it fix my seeing 7ms to and 80ms to my 3rd hop ( ? 🙂

  2. Jason,

    This new hardware is to support a new ATM interconnection for the Chico area, which would not directly affect the issue you are describing.
    We are aware of a congestion issue on the Redback which serves your DSL, and will perform load-shifting maintenance to relieve that congestion within the next couple of days.

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