Non-disruptive NetApp Filer Maintenance.

Tonight ( 29, August ) at 11:00 PM we will be performing a set of software upgrades across our NetApp Filers.

These Filers store customers’ e-mail, web files, and other data.

There will be no impact on customers ability to access their information during this maintenance, and we expect it to take no more than an hour to complete.


Update: Maintenance completed at 12:30 AM Tuesday morning. Not all of the software updates were applied during the maintenance window, another maintenance window is scheduled for tonight ( 30, August ) at 11:00 PM to complete the software updates.

Update: 31, August The final round of software upgrades will take place tonight at 11:00 PM.

Update: 1, September Maintenance continues tonight at 11:00 PM as last night’s upgrade did not proceed as planned, tonight will hopefully be the final round of upgrades, again there will be no customer impact during the maintenance. –Augie

FINAL UPDATE: 2, September 00:01 Maintenance complete all NetApp filers have been updated.

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