Partial CRAC Failure in Santa Rosa

We’ve had a major failure in our redundant CRAC (Computer Room AC) that handles cooling for our Santa Rosa Data Center a Colocation Facilities.  The redundant systems have taken over and we believe that the situation is under control.  Our vendors are en route, more information forthcoming.

Update: 14:15:14 PDT.  The redundant system is functioning properly and the room temperature has nearly stabilized.  We believe the failure was caused by a refrigerant leak due to the failure of a pressure release safety valve.  The faulty valve has been isolated and technicians are en route with refrigerant to recharge the system.

Update: 17:45:30 PDT.  The failed system has been recharged (with over 800 lbs of refrigerant) and restored to service and appears to be functioning correctly.




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